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It’s a back-breaking chore to have your home painted every few years. That’s why long-lasting, never-paint siding has become so popular today.

Today’s siding material offers you four big benefits:

  1. It increases your home’s energy efficiency
  2. It improves your home’s curb appeal
  3. It raises your home’s value
  4. No painting EVER!

It’s not surprising that the only trouble you might run into with today’s siding materials is improper installation. Many contractors still use unskilled laborers to install the product, which is why 90% of problems can be traced back to installers. While today’s siding is not hard to install, there are many things one needs to know to do a professional job. Our crews have years of experience with residential siding, an important factor when you make your final choice of contractors.

Types of siding you can choose from:

  • Vinyl Siding: The most popular siding option, vinyl siding gives your home added insulation, soundproofing, and durability.
  • James Hardie Plank: This synthetic material looks and feels exactly like wood, but is resistant to all the common problems with wood siding.
  • Cement Fiber Board Siding: Cement fiber board siding comes in a variety of different styles, from wood to smooth to stucco; we can help you pick out a style that suits your home.
  • Steel Siding: Steel siding is an affordable option for many homeowners; it is a time-tested material that resists wear and tear.

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